We received the following email testimonial from a client over the weekend that not only made us stop and realize how our client relationships are so important to us, but also motivated us to keep our heads down and keep putting our clients first, last and always.



You must be kidding !!! Caring in the financial world ?!? Wouldn’t it be more accurate to state: Scam or Profit Mongering ??? 

Allow me to share my story. 

Recently, both my parents passed away within 15 months apart. Fortunately, they had a solid contingency plan in place that foresaw to my financial well-being. Every detail was considered and accounted for, which alleviated my concerns pertaining to estate matters. While they say not to count on one’s inheritance to secure one’s financial future, it was a true blessing to receive my parents’ financial legacy as well as their love and support throughout my life. I must admit, though, there were moments where I felt overwhelmed with the reality of my new financial status. I simply did not know how to move forward. I didn’t have a contingency plan in place. 

A family member strongly recommended that I consult Norman Piché. “Why him”, I said? “I’m telling you” he replied, “his approach is totally different”. 

And so, I did consult Norman Piché. At our first meeting, he explained his financial background, his philosophy and approach to finances and investing and equally if not more so, his heartfelt passion to work diligently for the financial well-being of all his clients. That was, in a nutshell, the gist of our first encounter. I didn’t feel pressured nor obligated to retain his services. In fact, he invited me to consider all aspects of his presentation before making a final decision. 

I decided to work with Norman based on the sheer fact that his approach “is totally different”. Of course my financial portfolio is performing due to his strategy of establishing balance within the gains mostly. BLA, BLA, BLA … truth be said, my financial portfolio is performing because Norman is performing his passion … his life’s mission … his calling in life. 

Are you still not convinced? Allow me to recount yet another story. 

Norman and his associates guided me into the venture of building a house … my home. Norman and his team took me step-by-step through the financial process and even delt directly (on my behalf) with the general contractor and the lawyers involved in the transaction, as I was completely overwhelmed . In my opinion, this testament goes beyond the call of duty of a financial consultant. I truly got the sense that Norman took care of me personally as well all financial aspects of my project much like an older brother would (although, he is younger than I). Norman’s involvement instilled within me a sense of security which took the fear out of investing sooo much money thus spoiling, ultimately, my experience of building my dream house and establishing my Wellness Center within. 

I can only appreciate how others might feel knowing that Norman gives them the same caring and consideration especially in such unfortunate circumstances as a prolonged illness, death of a loved one, debilitating injury … to name a few. 

Caring does exist in the financial realm. It’s called FINANCIAL CARING and his name is NORMAN PICHÉ. “I’m telling you … his approach is totally different”. 

CONGRATULATIONS Norman on the unveiling of your business sign and the official inauguration of your Financial Center. I pray that you may carry on with your mission in life and continue to guide your clients with passion. 

Many Blessings 

Lise Emard



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