Norman Piché & Associates is passionate about empowering women through casual discussions about finance!


It has been several years since we first created the Independence Club and we are very proud of all of the information and knowledge that we have been able to share with the women of Greater Sudbury.

In 2017, we will still be holding monthly gatherings, but each month we will change…

  • the day of the week OR
  • the time of day OR
  • even the location!

Just to allow every woman the opportunity to join us one or more times throughout the year.

Monthly wine & cheese events, special tastings, lunch ‘n’ learns and other fun events throughout the year are a great way to connect, share and learn – and to celebrate YOUR financial independence!

Our next meeting date is Tuesday, January 17th, 2017 at 12pm.

RSVPs may be required for many of these sessions, so we ask that participants sign up either on our public Facebook Group page by clicking on this link…or send us an email to:

Looking forward to helping you create a more prosperous and EMPOWERED 2017!