It is our pleasure to offer invitations to these unique and intimate social evenings of culinary discovery.

Exclusive invitations are being hand-delivered to the following themed events –

The Art of The Martini.     TBA

The classic martini and all of its spinoffs will always be a staple on cocktail menus around the world. Join us for this fun introduction to the basics of preparing martinis and to sample and experiment with new flavour combinations to expand your own cocktail repertoire.

Port & The Cuisine of Portugal.  Thursday, February 27th. 6pm

Known for decades as the Englishman’s wine, port was once the drink uncorked for toasting in England. Close to 40 varieties of grapes go into making port today – ranging from white to full-bodied tawnies and reds. Join us for a tasting array of port and an introduction to Portugal’s indigenous and flavourful cuisine.

Sushi Basics.   TBA

Colourful, seemingly complex and undeniably delicious, sushi has gained immense popularity across the globe. Learning the basics of simple rolls and it’s ingredients is much easier than many would think. Join us for this hands-on lesson in creating your own perfect sushi roll!

Global Tour of Wine.   Thursday, March 27th. 6pm

For novice wine lovers and those who want to learn and develop a taste for wines from around the world. Learn about and taste wines from the coast of Spain to northern France – and to lesser-known (and sometimes under-appreciated) vineyards across the globe. This session will indeed give you a deeper understanding of the world of wine.

Spanish Tapas.  Date T.B.A.

Spain is best known for its passion for music, food and wine. Come and join us to create a menu of easy-to-make tapas and sample 5 fiery Spanish wines – perfect for adding a little spice to your party planning.To RSVP to your invitation or to inquire about future dates, please contact:Valerie Vance at (705) 674-4551 Ext. 401 or at