Estate Planning

Leaving your affairs in order is the ultimate gift to those left behind. It means your wishes will be fulfilled and your loved ones won’t be left guessing.

Do you want peace of mind?

Legacy planning can give you just that. You can take comfort in knowing you’ve put your financial affairs in order. And with the help of Norman Piche & Associates, you’ll know that everything you’ve worked a lifetime to build will continue to benefit those you’ve left behind.

Defining your legacy

Defining your legacy is a significant, selfless act. It doesn’t matter whether you’re leaving a lot or a little. What does matter is that your legacy lives on exactly as you wish it to – and that takes considerable thought, careful consideration and an estate or legacy plan.

Who needs a legacy plan?

You do – if you want to ensure you’ve provided financially for your loved ones, and that your legacy will be passed on as you choose. This is true regardless of your current age – and it’s especially important as you become more mature, acquire personal or business assets, or have any relatives who are financially dependent on you.

It’s a sad fact: If your legacy intentions aren’t specified in your Will, your estate will be distributed in accordance with provincial or territorial law. A comprehensive legacy plan helps to ensure your wishes are carried out in exactly the way you want, while at the same time, helping to minimize taxes and other fees so more of your estate is left for your heirs.

What can a legacy plan do for you now?

In addition to assisting your loved ones once you’re gone, a legacy plan can also offer benefits during your lifetime by helping you accumulate savings for retirement and take advantage of tax saving opportunities. It may even help you maintain your lifestyle should you become ill or disabled for an extended period.

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