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Don’t Let Your Kids Spend Their Inheritance

Posted by on May 9, 2017 in Articles |

Worried your kids will blow through your money? Here are five ways to protect your assets.   Over the next several decades, it’s estimated that Baby Boomers will pass down $30 trillion in assets to future generations. If you shudder to think what your beloved kids may do with the money you worked so hard to build, you’re not alone. Research shows that inheritances dwindle significantly in the first few years of someone receiving one, with...

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Fall Finances

Posted by on Oct 3, 2016 in Articles |

A new school year can be a great time to teach your kids about money. Here’s how to help them shop for supplies and spend their allowance wisely. They’re the age-old questions for families: Should kids get an allowance and how do you decide how much to give? While each family needs to decide what works best for them, here is some advice and common rules-of-thumb to help you. Should children get an allowance? If you decide to give an allowance,...

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